Deep Wisdom





The soul has a deep wisdom.

1 – 1 = 1,000,000
The Essence: We don’t need to change everything.  Changing just one thing is enough for now.

Celebrate Little Victories
The Essence: Living a satisfying life means recognizing and rejoicing in the small successes.

Conceive, Believe, Receive
The Essence: The thought is parent to the deed.

The Essence: When evaluating sufficiency, the line stretches from “nearly nothing” to “way too much.”  The best place to be is in the middle, and the name of that middle is “enough.”

First Response – Relax
The Essence: Relaxing is an active process, endless and profound, with corresponding deep benefits.

Freedom – Order
The Essence: Freedom and order exist in a shifting tension; too much of one or the other makes life difficult and unpleasant.

Responsibility – Blessing or Burden
The Essence: Our attitudes affect the way we meet our obligations.

Slow Down
The Essence: Most of us would find our lives greatly improved if we learned to slow down.

Sometimes Less Really Is More
The Essence: A spiritual fast can nurture you more than you ever imagined, and provide a banquet of food for thought.

The Richest Guy at the Table
The Essence: The only measure of wealth that matters is, do you have enough?

What’s Your Default Button?
The Essence: You are either a yes or a no.  Which you are makes all the difference in the world.

You Do Too Know!
The Essence: Nobody knows better than you do what you want and need.




Create a Write Spirit Within Me — from Ps. 51:10