Power of Reason





The soul contains a powerful intellectual capacity.

The Essence: Meaning that makes sense adds up in a reasonable way.

Four Kinds of Saying: Fact, Opinion, Taste, Belief
The Essence: There are four kinds of ways to make statements in words.  Learning the distinctions is crucial for clear thinking and expression.  The principle used to make these distinctions is the means of verification.

Frantic Fundamentalist or Elite Atheist, Please Let God Be God
The Essence: When God-talk is offensive rather than comforting, it is often because the speaker’s God is small enough to live inside the speaker’s pocket.

The Essence: What we say often has hidden significance of which we may be unaware.

Perception Deception
The Essence: Good thinking rests upon accurate perception, and we can train ourselves to perceive better.

Principles or Persons
The Essence: “The first thing a principle does is kill someone.” — Lord Peter Wimsey (AKA Dorothy Leigh Sayers)

Up and Down the Ladder
The Essence: The surest way to become a better thinker is to learn how to move more rapidly and easily up and down the abstraction ladder.

Write It Down
The Essence: Speaking and writing are not the same.  Writing is harder, less common, often more important, requires higher quality thinking, and it lasts.


Create a Write Spirit Within Me — from Ps. 51:10