Steps to Write Spirit – Interactive Exercises


STEPS is a collection of activities that promote spiritual growth.

They were all written out of lived experience, and none is merely theoretical.
Each Step is only a step, only a little bit forward in the right direction.  We hope that at least some of these STEPS will open for you new areas of excitement, energy, and maybe even wisdom.  You might even have an idea about how we can further explore that area together.  If so, please click Contact Us and share your awareness.
Our big hope for this website is that it will help form a spiritual community of folks who are committed to both their own spiritual growth and also the spiritual growth of others.  An ambitious goal, to be sure, but possible  – if you decide to jump in and be part of it.
The first Step, “Introduction,” is a primer for all the others. . . . Our SWSTeam has chosen three additional Steps for you to read. Click here to read.
Read a quick summary of the Steps’ contents by clicking on Steps Contents.
They are all organized in the same five parts.
Here is that “Introduction,” written in the five-part pattern.


The Essence

This resource is meant to be used, not merely read.  As much as possible, we want to create a spiritual learning community that actually increases our spiritual maturity..

Just Do It

Skim as much as you like in your first exploration.  As soon as you read instructions to do something, stop and consider.  If you’re ready to get serious about the topic being discussed, slow down and actually follow the instructions.  If you don’t want to do the suggested activity, leave that section and look elsewhere until you find your way to an activity that does fully capture your attention.

Imagine That

We rush through the Beginning
is the place where The biggest
compensation comes from Careful
consideration even before The beginning
is almost what happens every Now
are you ready to begin?

Breaking It Down

Two major divisions make up this resource.  STEPS is a collection of 500-1000-word “steps.”  All the STEPS are intended to promote spiritual growth, and each is divided into five sections.

“The Essence” tells the heart of the learning in one or two sentences.

“Just Do It” presents an activity that seeks active participation from the learner. Folks who simply read “Just Do It” will surely miss much potential benefit.

“Imagine That” explores the interface of spirit and imagination, with particular attention to the topic being considered.

“Breaking It Down” explores the topic in ordinary every-day language.

“What’s Next?” seeks real-life applications in the hope that the learning will produce lasting spiritual benefit.

What’s Next?

This section is the part of each step that requires your greatest energy and attention.  No matter how much help we get from others, after all, the basic responsibility for growing our own spirits belongs to each individual on the journey.  Get creative, and run some experiments.  Share with others (both virtually here on the website and actually in your own life) what you are doing as you work and play your way through the STEPS.

We hope the answer to the question “What’s Next?” will be your joining the spiritual community that is being formed around this resource.  We hope you will come as you are, take what is good for you, and share with the rest of the community the grace and truth you have.  Truly, it is blessed both to give and to receive.  We hope you will do both as you engage with this resource and participate in this community.

Now, our SWSTeam has selected two representative Steps that you may read for free. They share their thoughts on why they selected each Step. Enjoy. Just click here to be redirected to the three free Steps.

What’s Next for Us?
 We built this website to connect persons with their spiritual selves and also with each other in community.  So far, the conversation has been all one-way.  So . . .

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