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Our SWSTeam has many talents and areas of expertise. Please consider contacting one of us for help with your writing, editing, and spiritual growth needs through the Services Category in the Write Spirit Services link. If you have a specific challenge you are working on, please use the Contact Us Here link on this page. One of us will get right back to you. We will negotiate the fee, if any, when contact is initiated. It costs nothing for the initial consultation. Our goal here is to grow the practice of writing and create community – not make money.

Bob Young

Bob offers to help writers who are interested in writing short fiction or plays. In our Let’s Talk Writing blog you can find a tutorial or a series of exercises for playwriting. Contact him for editing and support for your writing needs.

You can purchase a one act play written by Bob in the Publications section of the Write Spirit Shop.

Heidi Surprenant

Heidi primarily writes fiction for adults, lyrics, musical scores for opera and other musical genres. Heidi also writes poetry and nonfiction children’s literature. Contact her for editing and support for your writing needs.

LoAnn Trembley

LoAnn writes poetry and nonfiction for adults. She has expertise in directing drama productions. She provides excellent editing skills to the members of the group and is working on a number of topics that deal with spirituality. She coauthored the Steps for sale on this site and has written a resource for processing the experience of grief called, Green Blade Rising for sale in the Write Spirit Shop. Contact her for editing and support for your writing needs.

Thomas Brown

Thomas is our webmaster and has created simple websites for nonprofit organizations and individuals as a way to empower others through social media. Please contact him with your website ideas.

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