Inner Peace





The soul longs for inner peace.

The Essence: Too often we think we know, when we don’t know at all.

D _ _ th
The Essence: Death is the greatest mystery and an inevitable part of life.

Failure Is Temporary
The Essence: The ability to rebound after defeat comes from holding a long view of life.

Inventory Your Routines
The Essence: Routines help us get through our days without demanding our full attention to mundane tasks.

Pace Your Change/A Change of Pace
The Essence: Change doesn’t follow a predictable straight-line course.

The Essence :When we are authentic, our personalities are congruent with our true selves; when we are not, our personalities are masks behind which we hide.

Safety First
The Essence: Being safe and feeling safe are different realities.

The Biggest Roadblock
The Essence: The biggest roadblock to spiritual growth is the fear of seeing and being seen.  The great good news is that this problem is actually quite easy to solve.

The Light Moves When You Do
The Essence: Sometimes we must just step out on the path and start walking; when we do, we discover that the path is lit for a few steps ahead.

Vacation or Retreat
The Essence: Sometimes we just want to “get away from it all,” but before we even leave our homes, we need to decide what we are getting away to.

Create a Write Spirit Within Me — from Ps. 51:10